Red Wine, Mistakes, Brooke-ology
I'm Brooke, 20 years old and would consider myself 'different', but hey, I like that.

This blog mainly consists of the things I like and some of those things are Jack Johnson, MB20,
kittens, ducks, photography, my boyfriend Josh, love and whatever the hell else
because this is what my Tumblr is about, me ♥
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Grab her face and kiss her because you never know if you’ll ever see her again or taste her lips or smell her hair. When you see her don’t forget to capture the light dancing in her eyes when she’s talking about something she loves or the way she burrows her eyebrows when she’s about to kiss you. Don’t forget a single detail, because maybe you’ll never see it again.

(via iadoreyoubabe)


Nature is taking this farm back

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